As a working journalist, I had the opportunity to cover a wide variety of events in Israel and abroad. I worked mostly in Hebrew, with the exception of the Jerusalem Post, which is a newspaper printed originally in the English language. Ha’aretz newspaper, for which I wrote for five years, has an English edition as well as a Hebrew one, and while I wrote mostly for the Hebrew edition, I contributed stories to the English edition when it was possible.

I have covered the Olympic games in Athens 2004 and Torino 2006 as well as other international sport events, provided additional support for Ma’ariv daily national newspaper in Israel during the 2012 Olympics and provide the newspaper with sports stories from Northern California.

2006 Winter Olympics, Torino, Italy

All clips appeared in the Jerusalem Post

  • FEBRUARY 10, 2006 | Israel’s Olympic skier faces uphill battle for downhill speed | JPG |URL |
  • FEBRUARY 12, 2006 | Winter Olympics Get Under Way | JPG | URL |
  • FEBRUARY 12, 2006 | Israelis stumble in the first program | JPG | URL |
  • FEBRUARY 15, 2006 | Body and brain must be in good harmony at the biathlon |TEXT |
  • FEBRUARY 16, 2006 | The Olympic spirit is alive and well with the volunteers | TEXT | JPG |
  • FEBRUARY 17, 2006 | Israeli ice dancers in the spotlight | JPG | URL |

2004 Summer Olympics, Athens, Greece

I covered the games for Ha’aretz and got to cover Israel’s first olympic gold medal. The story was front page, like its translation in the English edition. It was also quoted by various international media.

2005 Maccabiah Games, Israel

The “Jewish Olympics” might not be known for their competitive level, but Israel’s elite athletes and foreign Jewish sport stars also take part, and it’s a lot of fun! I covered it for the English edition of the paper.

  • JULY 18, 2005 | Third time lucky for Or (Ha’aretz) | JPG|
  • JULY 19, 2005 | Champions who enjoy being around other champions (Ha’aretz)| JPG| URL |